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Arm Pain   Herniated Discs Neck Pain Sinus Problems
Arthritis           High Blood Pressure Plantar Fasciitis Sprains and Strains
Auto Accidents High Cholesterol Posture Problems Stenosis
Back Pain Infantile Colic Pregnancy Stress Management
Carpal Tunnel Knee Injuries Sciatica Tennis/Golfer's Elbow
Facet Syndrome Leg Pain Scoliosis Weight Loss
Headaches Migraines Shoulder Injuries Whiplash


Did you know that chiropractic is the largest natural health care profession in the world?  Developed over 100 years ago, it is a non-invasive, drug-free, conservative approach to optimal health.  Since it’s beginning, chiropractic has been based on the fact that the nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body. The purpose of chiropractic is to remove any stress that is not allowing the nervous system to function at it's optimal level.


Your body is made up of a structure of bones. Your muscles, nerves, and soft tissues help hold this structure together as you move around. When you injure this structure, your body's natural balance is thrown off and it's ability to heal itself is diminished. Did you know that it only takes the weight of a dime on a nerve to adversely affect the nervous system's performance. Chiropractic helps remove this pressure on the nervous system.

Chiropractic care helps restore the body's natural balance by using manual adjustments to parts of the body that are not moving correctly or out of alignment.  Adjustments are usually performed by hand and are gentle, precise maneuvers that require special knowledge of the body’s anatomy.  We tailor our adjustments to fit each patient’s specific needs.

Adjustments help normalize spinal function, increase joint mobility and removes the stress from the nervous system.



Chiropractic Manipulation- Electric Stimulation Massage Therapy
Diversified Technique Ultrasound Soft Tissue Therapy
Activator Heat and Ice Custom Foot Orthotics
Drop Table Stretching Exercises Sinus Argerol Treatment
Flexion/Distraction Strengthening Exercises Nutritional Counseling
Physical Therapy Kinesiotaping Class IV Laser Light Therapy
Selective Functional Movement Assessment    


After you fill out your paperwork, we will take a personal health history.

Next, we will perform an initial exam and diagnose what your problem is then explain what is wrong and how chiropractic care can help you.  We will be sure to answer all of your questions and then we will provide a treatment plan, which  may include chiropractic adjustments, massage, physical therapy and rehab exercises.

Typically your first visit will last about one hour.  After the first visit, you may need to come back for future visits depending on your condition.  Follow up visits usually are scheduled for 30 minutes. 


This question depends on each patient and their individual problem.  Typically if your problem has been present for months-years it will take more treatments than if your problem has just started within the last few days-weeks.

However, pain is usually the last sign that there is a problem and it is the first sign to disappear along the road to recovery.  For this reason, we believe that regular chiropractic care should be apart of your wellness plan along with your dentist, optometrist and primary care physician.

We feel that if the patient takes an active role in their health care and treatment, they will get better faster and that it creates a stronger foundation for their future health.


Phases of Care :
There are three main phases of care and they are acute care, rehabilitative care, and wellness care. In our practice we work with the patient to come up with a plan of care that the patient understands and agrees to. It is always the patient’s choice to decide on the type of care they want to receive. It is the doctor’s responsibility to talk with patient about the types of care that are available.

Acute Care focuses on eliminating the symptoms of your ailment. This phase of care usually requires more frequent visits initially, but as the symptoms start to fade fewer visits are needed. Symptoms usually start to diminish within the first few treatments for a recent injury, but may take longer with more chronic conditions. This phase of care usually lasts the shortest period of time. However, the problem that caused the symptoms has most likely not been corrected. This is why we recommend rehabilitative care to our patients as well, to help correct the underlying problem that has caused the symptoms.

Rehabilitative Care focuses on correcting the problem that caused your symptoms. During this phase of care the number of visits happen with less frequency than in the acute phase. However, this phase of care usually lasts the longest because it takes the body time to correct the muscle imbalance that caused the injury. This care will also help prevent the same type of injury in the future. This is why we want to strengthen the body to prevent re-injury in the future. Do not be discouraged if you have mild flare-ups in your symptoms on occasion. During this phase of care strengthening exercises are prescribed in three different levels of progression. Once the body is fully healed and ready for the rigors of daily life then we move to wellness care.

Wellness Care is recommended to help catch problems before they flare up or become bigger and will take longer to heal. Chiropractic check-ups are similar to going to the dentist in that you catch small problems before they become large problems that are costly. Wellness care is an investment in staying healthy and includes a variety of different aspects so please ask your provider any questions you may have when you call or come in for a visit.


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Get Moving Chiropractic is an in-network provider with these insurance companies:    

- Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield 
- United (ACN)
- Medicare
- Pacificare
- Secure Horizons
- Great West Healthcare
- Coventry

We accept health savings and flex-spending accounts. We can also bill your insurance company if you have chiropractic benefits out of network. Please ask us if you are not sure and bring your insurance card so we can verify your benefits. 


We are a member of the ChiroHealthUSA program. By joining this plan the patient is now eligible to receive a time of service discount on adjustments and services, offering significant savings from insurance prices. Please visit

**Please feel free to ask us any questions about payment that you may have, we are here to help you.

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