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Dr. Katy Mooberry & Dr. Abi Smith Are The Only Webster Certified Prenatal Chiropractors in Evergreen

Preconception Care: Preconception care is getting you and your partner as healthy as you can be before you get pregnant. Pregnancy is a 10-month-long marathon stress test and we want you to be feeling your best so you can grow a healthy baby! Dr. Katy’s goal is to help remove physical, chemical, and emotional stressors from you and your partner’s body. Let’s face it, it takes two to tango, and we want Dad to be the healthiest version of himself too. He is contributing half the genetic material and stress can alter our genes, as well as, how our body functions.

Chiropractic care in Evergreen CO is an excellent way to remove the physical stress from your neuro-muscular-skeletal system. When the brain and the body are well connected and in alignment through the spine, the body functions in normal biological and movement patterns. Dr. Katy has advanced training in functional nutrition to counsel you on how to remove chemical stress from your body so you are functioning at your best. Dr. Katy has a good network of mental health providers to help you clear any emotional stress. Once you are less stressed, it is EASIER to get pregnant and MAINTAIN a healthy pregnancy, which can lead to an EASIER/FASTER delivery. Dr. Katy’s wish for all pregnant women is that they have an easy, healthy, and normal pregnancy and this all begins with preconception care!

Pregnancy in Evergreen CO

Pregnancy is an exciting, but sometimes, uncomfortable time in a woman's life. But chiropractic care can help her feel more comfortable and help her body prepare for the birth of her baby. Dr. Mooberry is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a specific chiropractic analysis & adjustment that reduces nerve system stress, balances the pelvic muscles and ligaments, and optimizes the mother's pelvic function in pregnancy and birth.

So what's in it for mom? Improved nervous system function, balanced pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments, and normalizing maternal physiology, so it allows for a better pregnancy and birth. The "side effects" may include less low back pain, better movement, and more comfort during pregnancy!

Research has shown that women who get adjusted during pregnancy, have 30% faster and easier births! Dr. Katy of Get Moving Chiropractic really enjoys working with moms during this joyful and expectant time and she can help teach the moms empowerment through their own bodies! They learn to believe that "They CAN DO this!" as they journey towards Motherhood!

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Furthermore, chiropractic care helps remove the physical stress from the mom's body. We can help take care of other problems she may be dealing with such as headaches, upper back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and any other neuro-musculoskeletal problems. When we remove that physical stress from the body, it moves from a compensation pattern back to its normal functional pattern. We help prepare mom for the upcoming rigors of new motherhood, such as constant flexion with nursing/feeding the baby, carrying and caring for the baby. We can help mom get stronger, so she can keep up with the new demands of being a mom.

We also can help with post-natal care. Mothers work hard during delivery whether it was a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section, either with interventions or none. We can help put mom back together after this event, so she heals properly and is in good alignment for the future. Plus, we help keep mom in a natural resting state, instead of a fight or flight state, which will help promote feelings of calm and well-being for mom and baby.

Helpful Websites For the Pregnant Mama:

Doula, Midwife, or holistic obstetrician in Evergreen

Looking for a Doula, Midwife, or holistic obstetrician to guide and encourage you on your labor and delivery journey?

Dr. Katy of Get Moving Chiropractic in Evergreen can give you resources, and information, and help you find birth professionals who will empower you. This will turn birth from a scary experience to a joyful and empowering experience for the mom as she transitions into motherhood.

Origin: A Birth Collective for Growing Families - Support for Healthy Beginnings. Origin is a network of local prenatal, postpartum, and family support professionals providing a comprehensive online resource and creating a community for all new and growing families in the Denver foothills area.

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Common Conditions That Chiropractic Can Help During Pregnancy

  • low back pain
  • malpositioned baby
  • sciatica
  • pubic symphysis dysfunction
  • tailbone pain
  • improved sleep
  • nausea
  • heartburn
  • headaches
  • constipation
  • labor dystocia



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