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Chiropractor Evergreen CO Katy Mooberry

Dr. Katy Mooberry D.C., CACCP

Dr. Katy Mooberry D.C., CACCP is a Colorado native who returned to the sunshine state with her husband, Dr. Isaac Mooberry D.C., after they both earned their Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon in 2006. Dr. Katy Mooberry received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Puget Sound in Washington in 2001.

Dr. Katy believes that chiropractic care is an wonderful way to remove the physical stress from your body, so that you feel great and can keep up with all the demands of your busy lifestyle. Dr. Katy earned her Certification in Pediatrics because she wanted to help the next generation feel and function their best from birth through childhood and adolescence. She is also earning a certification in Functional Neurodevelopment because she feels that chiropractic care helps optimize the nervous system. We live our world through our senses and if we have a traffic jam in our nervous system, that sensory information can not reach our brain to be properly interpreted. But chiropractic care can help clear that traffic jam from the spinal column and spinal cord, so that our nervous system can talk properly between and our brain and our body.

Dr. Katy enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, camping, running, swimming, and playing tennis but also loves a good book.

In addition to playing outside, Dr. Katy is kept very busy keeping up with her two children Michaela and Theo. Both are healthy, active kids who have been treated with chiropractic as they run, jump, bump and fall through life! Chiropractic care helps them stay healthy and strong!

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