Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Katy was a pleasure to work with and her services were exceptional in facilitating my recovery succeeding an auto accident. Moreover, Dr. Katy administered a treatment plan that was tailored toward my lifestyle and made certain that I was adhering to it during our weekly sessions. Furthermore, Andrea Bird is an extraordinary massage therapist and her services were rejuvenating. My body feels amazing following treatment with Dr. Katy and Andrea Bird."

- RB, Leadville CO

"Absolutely love going to Dr. Katy for adjustments. The staff are always so friendly and inviting! The Moobery's go above and beyond with their service and really care about your well being. Also, if you are a parent with a kiddo who has or will be getting braces, Dr. Katy is amazing for after orthodontia care. Having my daughter adjusted after getting her braces on and tightened had helped reduce the pain and headaches often associated with that sort of work. Top notch care and can't ask for a better set of Chiropractors in the area :)"

- BS, Bailey CO

"I appreciate the professional and friendly atmosphere provided at Get Moving Chiropractic. Both Dr. Katy and Dr. Isaac have helped to address my pain through readjustments along with providing home exercises, assisting with better posture and checking in on my progress regularly. Thank you!"

- CP, Evergreen CO

"Best chiropractor I've ever been too. Dr. Katie is so personable and easy to talk to. She makes you feel right at home and gives a thorough exam and explanation of what she is doing and educates you on things you can do to help your issues. I went to Get Moving Chiropractic to get some help with numbness in my left leg and pain in my hip. In a matter of a few weeks the numbness is gone and the pain is nonexistent. I am very grateful for the professionalism and the precise treatment. Dr. Mooberry listened to my needs and fulfilled all my requests. The office atmosphere is relaxed. A warm greeting from Laurie the receptionist always brightens my day. I never had to wait and the appointment was always personalized to my needs. I will continue to recommend her to anyone that needs any relief from back or neck pain. She truly knows her profession and has state of the art tools to accomplish her work."

- RC, Evergreen CO

"Dr. Isaac is the best chiro I have ever had. He is knowledgeable, personable, and genuinely cares about all his patients. I can't recommend him enough."

- AH, Denver CO

"I would highly recommend Get Moving Chiropractic. Both and Katy and Isaac are very personable and great doctors. They have treated my entire family, including my children for the last 3 years. This is the place to go for any bone or joint issues or just for regular adjustments to keep everything in alignment. They are very good at treating children, making both of mine feel comfortable whenever we visit. I have recommended them to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so in the future."

- SV, Black Hawk, CO

"A friend recommended Dr. Katy to me about 6-7 years ago as I was in extreme pain, walking crooked, couldn't even put on my own socks shoes. The first time there, she understood my pain and problem. In a few visits I was better, in a few weeks I was at 100%. I still go to get chiropractic care here even tho I moved from Evergreen to downtown Denver and now living in Golden. Dr. Issac uses the same techniques too. So either one would be able to get you straightened up quickly. You won't be sorry coming here."

- JR, Denver and Phoenix

"I love Get Moving Chiropractic! I started coming here for hip and back pain when I was pregnant. Now I bring both my newborn and two year old here. Dr. Katy is very knowledgeable and professional. I am always greeted by name when I walk in the door and I never feel rushed like other places. If you or your children need a chiropractor I highly recommend Get Moving Chiropractic!"

- TI, Evergreen CO

"When I was referred to Get Moving Chiropractic I was very nervous about someone adjusting me and was skeptical the care would work. I can tell you I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care, thanks to Dr. Katy and Dr. Isaac. Both of them are outstanding individuals who care about the people they treat. Through my time at Get Moving Chiropractic many of my symptoms are now being maintained with a lot less pain and I am able to be my normal active self again!"

- JL, Denver CO

"I have followed Drs. Isaac and Katy Mooberry around Evergreen for many years. I have tried other chiropractors in the past, but have never found such a professional, proficient and personable team. They have coached me on injury prevention and post visit regimens. My physical health has improved with regular chiropractic care even as I age. In the office, up front, Laurie will greet you and take care of any office issues with a smile. If you want quality - this is the place for your chiropractic needs."

- RW and GW, Evergreen CO

"I have chronic, severe arthritis and degeneration in my neck and have had pain for years in my neck but after treatment with Dr. Katy, I no longer have debilitating neck pain! I am pain free and I never thought I would be!"

- VK, Evergreen CO

"I had raging plantar fasciitis and I could no longer go on my weekly hikes with my birding club, which was very important to me. But after several treatments and fitting me for my custom-made orthotics, my plantar fasciitis went away! I attribute it to the Sole Supports orthotics, they are great! They support my arches and my plantar fasciitis HEALED and I am now able to go on my hikes!"

- JB, Evergreen CO

"Dr. Mooberry is very knowledgeable and she educates me on how to deal with my weaknesses through exercises. I now understand what is happening with my body and know how to manage it. When a problem does arise I have someone I am confident in and can help me get results!"

- KM, Evergreen CO

"Dr. Mooberry has improved my flexibility and decreased my chronic low back pain. I continue to go to her because she is a great chiropractor and I can tell she really cares about her patients."

- LC, Evergreen CO

"I had rotator cuff surgery and had plateaued in recovering my range of motion. Dr. Katy used ultrasound and adjustments and soon I was able to progress in my physical therapy once again. I would not have broken that cycle without Dr. Katy's expertise and help!"

- KR, Golden CO

"I have had rib pain on my left side for a LONG time and I have seen several chiropractors but Dr. Isaac Mooberry got it to go away after one treatment! I feel great and I have already told two friends to go see him, he does a great job!"

- WB, Lakewood CO

"The pain in my bottom felt like I was sitting on a tack and my leg was always going numb after standing for awhile. Dr. Katy Mooberry has really helped me and I no longer feel that 'tack'! Plus the numbness is going away too!"

- LC, Lakewood CO

"Seven pain free years after having L4-L5 vertebrae fused in my back, I had a sudden, severe and very sharp pain in the right side of my lower back. Dr. Katy Mooberry treated it one time with several techniques. The pain subsided and my back has remained pain free ever since. She showed me how to perform a stretch that allows me to keep the troubled area strong."

- MR, Evergreen CO

"I have had a chronic sinus infection for the last year and I was getting tired of the pain and congestion. Dr. Katy Mooberry suggested that I try a sinus argeryol treatment. After 12 months of sinus pain, I was willing to try anything and after three treatments, my sinus pressure and pain were gone! The best part was that my glasses no longer caused pain when they rested on my nose!"

- JF, Evergreen CO

"I decided to try the nutritional cleanse that Dr. Mooberry recommended and I was pretty skeptical at first but after a few days into the program, I realized that I felt great and I had the energy of a 17 year old! I feel so much better and I feel like a younger, healthier me!"

- CE, Evergreen CO

"I am over 60 years old and I have hiked all over Colorado and the front range. But out of the blue, my feet started to get very sore, especially when I woke up in the morning. It was now very painful to go on my daily walks and that was not OK. Dr. Mooberry diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and she recommended that I get a pair of custom-made orthotics and put me on a chiropractic stretching program. It is six months later and I love my orthotics! I wear them everyday in every pair of shoes and I can now go on my daily walks without any pain!"

- JR, Golden CO

"I sprained my ankle over a year ago and it never healed properly. As a result, I still had pain a year later and I could not do the things I liked to do, such as running and hiking. I was considering surgery but decided to try out chiropractic care first. I came to see Dr. Katy and after several chiropractic/therapy sessions, the stiffness decreased and soon the pain went away. I now can run over 4 miles and go for hikes with my family! This was a much better alternative to surgery!"

- MC, Evergreen CO



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