Are You as Strong as a Kindergartener?

Are You as Strong as a Kindergartener?


Most people would think, "Well, yeah!! Of course, I am stronger than a five-year-old!" But are you really? Could you walk across a balance beam at the playground without wobbling or falling off? What does that little kid have that you don't? CORE STRENGTH. Most children in Evergreen can run, jump and leap around because their core muscles are strong, which helps keep them balanced. This balance enables them to do more activities on an unstable or narrow surface. Core muscles are your postural muscles that support your body and spine; they do not move the body around. When core muscles are strong, you can do more complicated movements, such as running on a trail, with less chance of injury.

How can you EASILY strengthen your core muscles? Work on your BALANCE! Can you stand on each leg for 60 seconds? If not, do it a few times every day! Once you have mastered this skill, close your eyes and stand on each leg for 60 seconds! This is hard to do but you will find that you will improve very quickly.

Working on your balance is an easy, fast, and efficient way to improve your neuromuscular control, which decreases the likelihood of injury and helps to strengthen your core muscles. If you cannot handle simple tasks, such as standing on one leg, what is going to happen during the course of everyday living when you have to do more complicated movements? The likelihood of injury goes way up when you have poor core strength, coordination, and neuromuscular control.

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the nervous system, especially the proprioceptive nervous system. When your joints are out of alignment, there is stress on the nervous system and it does fire properly, hence diminished balance. Proprioceptive nerves tell your brain where your body is in space and when the joints are returned to their normal position, the nerves are reset back to their normal firing pattern, thus improving your balance. Also when your joints are in proper alignment, your balance improves because the body is moving in its proper functional pattern, not a compensation pattern. Finally, Dr. Mooberry can teach you many exercises that will improve your balance and increase your core strength. Once you have proper nerve communication, alignment, and a stronger core, you will notice that you can do more activities with grace and precision and you will decrease the possibility of future injury as well. See what makes us different from other Evergreen chiropractors when you visit us at or call us at (303) 670-7777 to make an appointment today!



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