Oh My Aching Feet! Do You Need Orthotics?

Oh My Aching Feet! Do You Need Orthotics?

Oh My Aching Feet! Do You Need Orthotics?

Achy, sore feet are very common and at some point, almost everyone is going to experience foot pain in Evergreen. But what causes foot pain? The most common cause is over-pronation or flat feet. If you are like the majority of people, over time your arch begins to collapse. The arch is the main shock absorber in your foot. While walking, your heel hits the ground first and then the foot starts to roll forward, and as it does the many little foot bones unlock and your foot absorbs the impact of the step. When you reach the ball of your foot, the bones begin to lock again as the muscles pull the bones back up into an arch, which turns the foot into a rigid lever and you have to push off with your big toe. This bony arch is supported by several ligaments and is the main shock absorber of the foot.

Most of the common foot problems, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, calluses, and corns are caused by the loss of the arch in your foot when you are standing, walking, running, or doing any other weight-bearing activity. Low back, knee and hip pain can also be attributed to fallen arches because "the foot bone is connected to the leg bone, which is connected to the backbone!"

There are a number of reasons why we lose this arch and have flat feet but the three main reasons are body weight, gravity, and concrete. The first two are always flattening the arch down into the hard surfaces that we live on today. The foot was designed to move on soft earth, not hard concrete! So as a result the ligaments get too stretched out and we lose that arch.

There is another cause of foot pain and that is over-supination or high arched feet. There is a small percentage of people who were born with foot bones that create an arch that is too high and rigid and the foot does not unlock as well while walking, so there is less shock absorption. As a result, all the force of their body weight is centered on the outside of their feet, causing pain.

But what can you do to fix your fallen arch? Get fitted for custom-made orthotics that fit your foot exactly! Now your arch will be fully supported, which will decrease the stress on your bones, ligaments, and muscles and allow the foot to function the way it was designed to, and soon you will no longer have foot pain!

So if you are suffering from foot pain or low back, knee or hip pain you should consider getting fit for Sole Supports orthotics at Get Moving Chiropractic. Please call Dr. Katy Mooberry at (303) 670-7777 to schedule an appointment so you no longer have to guilt-trip a loved one into a foot massage for your achy feet!



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